A Smart Solution to your Food Industry

Cibofy provides a complete solution to manage and control all your site's operations, market in a perfect way, and helps you to grow your business.

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We handle all problems of food industries - Mess, Canteens, Restaurants, Corporate Canteen.

Enhancing Food Service

Staff & Inventory Management
Profit Improvement by removing Ambiguity
Efficient Profit Analysis Mechanism
Solve the problem of Non-Interactive Audience

The Canteen Industry

Stop Fake Payment Screenshots
Food Preparation Tracking & Pick-Up
Inventory Management
Reducing Waiting time due to improper order records

Department & College Committee

Organized System For Mess Rebate
Accountability of user ratings of vendors
Form Filling And Submission To Hostel Office

User Experience & Survey

Proper hearing of Food Quality
Refund for leave from the monthly package
Interactive / Survey / Analysis
Eliminate convention to carry mess card

iOS / Android / Web Support

It provides flexibility to manage things and make changes from anywhere — no need to carry your computer always.

Affordable Pricing

Customized to guide you to save money by cutting costs. No need to buy any bulky/costly hardware devices.

Enhanced User Experience

Application with regular updates on user experience enhancement & features, ease of use and fast loading capability.

Why Build with Us?

A subscription model with us empowers you to spend less on an application that will get obsolete in 2-3 years and will require an update at a hefty price or become inefficient with an increase in client or become a waste of money with a decrease in sales. Subscribe with us to get continuous updates of new features, UI enhancement, and cover more puzzles.

Procure analytical and digital solutions to your concerns so that you grow and flourish. You pay only for how much you use and just a fraction of the additional profit that you get via us.

Interactive Dynamic Design

The product Provides staff management, mess management, canteen management, human resource management, inventory management. Cibofy is a single platform targeting multiple solutions.

The application is integrated with various sections (so-called modules) to help you not only manage your user but also manage your inventory so that you can track your supply and demand on fingertips.

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